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A collection of colors and styles curated by our very own SET community members. We took you behind-the-scenes during the design process and used your feedback to guide every creative decision for this drop. That’s right — the Community Collection offers a lineup of styles that you helped us bring to life and a palette of colors you were craving to see come back. Don’t thank us, thank each other. 

At SET, we blur the line between form and function, because we believe you should never have to choose. We get it – life is lived on the go – so whether you’re going to the gym, grabbing coffee, going out, or are just a go-getter, you can think of us as your everyday essentials, elevated. 

We’re a community first and a brand second, which means we’re all about open conversation, continuous innovation, and true connection with our customers. We live to create what you want, because we’re at our best when you feel yours. 

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Made to match in monochrome tones, our SETs are designed to inspire superior confidence through sophisticated styles that never sacrifice comfort. From our lifechanging activewear to our ever-growing range of SET Sweats, Basics, and more, each piece is cut to perfection, color-coordinated in a matching set, and made to collect.  

Always available in our Core Collection colors, we also release select limited-edition colorways to serve you with surprises and keep our collections fresh. Call us fashion rebels, rulebreakers, innovators – we’ll take it. As long as we’re helping you curate a closet you love, we’re SET.