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Initiative - We have the ability to see things that need to be done and we do it before someone tells us to. We challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches, we create new ideas that prove useful, and we keep SET nimble by minimizing complexity and simplifying.

Passion - We inspire others with our thirst for excellence. We are tenacious in our roles, we care intensely about SET, and we celebrate our wins — because we know how hard we worked for them.

Selflessness - We seek what is best for SET rather than what’s best for ourselves. We make time to help colleagues, and we share information openly and proactively.

Commitment to customers - Our community is at the core of everything we do. We watch what they buy, listen to what they say, and see what they share – and we use all of that feedback to help drive decisions based on what’s best for our community and customers.

Be bold - Building great things means taking risks. We’re big believers that if we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough. We learn from our mistakes by reflecting on what went wrong and what went right, and we learn from each other through open, honest, and kind communication. There’s no such thing as failures, only opportunities for growth.

Inclusivity - We practice providing equal consideration, opportunities, and access to every person no matter shape, size, skin tone or background. This applies to all things SET - our designs, products, team, community, content, models and beyond.


We are not currently hiring for any positions.