SET ACTIVE is a D2C athleisure company that's building confidence and connection through fashion-meets-function clothing, and a shared love for all things active.


Initiative - We have the ability to see things that need to be done and we do it before someone tells us to. We challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches, we create new ideas that prove useful, and we keep SET nimble by minimizing complexity and simplifying.

Passion - We inspire others with our thirst for excellence. We are tenacious in our roles, we care intensely about SET, and we celebrate our wins — because we know how hard we worked for them.

Selflessness - We seek what is best for SET rather than what’s best for ourselves. We make time to help colleagues, and we share information openly and proactively.

Commitment to customers - Our community is at the core of everything we do. We watch what they buy, listen to what they say, and see what they share – and we use all of that feedback to help drive decisions based on what’s best for our community and customers.

Be bold - Building great things means taking risks. We’re big believers that if we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough. We learn from our mistakes by reflecting on what went wrong and what went right, and we learn from each other through open, honest, and kind communication. There’s no such thing as failures, only opportunities for growth.




  • Strategy + Calendar
    • Design, execute, and analyze social media strategies across multiple platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more) that are on-brand, effectively encourage engagement and sharing, and amplify SET's value
    • Maintain a comprehensive social media calendar and oversee social media project management to ensure deadlines and goals are met
    • Research trends across multiple social media platforms, be on the cutting edge on all social channels, leveraging first mover advantage, and test new channels and strategies
    • Measure and analyze social media performance, report on statistics, adjust activities to grow audience and encourage engagement/conversions
  • Stories
    • Conceptualize and schedule compelling daily IG stories that encourage engagement, connect with our audience, tell our brand story, and drive sales 
  • Grid
    • Oversee execution of IG grid, ensure that it aligns with marketing timelines & goals, and is approved according to deadlines
  • Content Creation
    • Work hand in hand with Art Director, and implement processes and procedures for content creation and scheduling to ensure team is effectively creating fresh, on-brand, and engaging content that meets deadlines and performs well
    • Collaborate and coordinate with graphic design team, copywriter, and photographers as needed to produce engaging social content that is consistent with our voice & style, while also aligning with our community's KPI's
  • Team Leadership
    • Manage, coach, and lead a 2 person, high-performing social media team
    • Oversee copywriter to ensure social copy is aligned with brand strategy and KPIs
    • Oversee the Social Media Coordinator who will manage the day-to-day posting on social changeless and will help execute strategies across multiple platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more)
    • Oversee SET's social community management, including managing the Social Community Coordinator and helping with conversations with customers in the DMs and comments as needed
  • Marketing
    • Work cross functionally with Marketing team on special initiates such as influencer PR/gifting, paid socials, content creation, UGC, and more. 
    • Connect with Marketing team on a weekly basis to make sure Stories, Feed, and Email are aligned



Please email your cover letter and resume to with “Social Media Manager” in the subject line.



A creative, aesthetics-obsessed TikTok creator


  • Produce and edit innovative, on-brand and engaging content for TikTok
  • Has a passion for story telling through video
  • Is forward thinking and up to date with the latest trends



Please email your resume and TikTok to with “TikTok Creator Intern” in the subject line.




  • Influencer Marketing - Strategy
    • Develop, implement, and manage the SET influencer marketing strategy and plan with an emphasis on diverse and elevated influencers that help amplify our brand
    •  Keep a pulse on who we should be working with – make note of up-and-coming celebs/influencers, stay up-to-date with who has been canceled or is going through controversy, and identify new partners to align with
    •  Think strategically about SET’s product categories, developing a network of influencers that align with and add value to each collection
    • Develop and closely monitor influencer KPIs to ensure we’re maintaining brand positive relationships with influencers, and present monthly reports to team on influencer marketing performance 
    • Draft and send weekly reports outlining key influencer data: how many people were gifted, how many people were reached out to, how many people were added to our database. Include statistics on who posted, most impactful gifting, and anything else relevant to KPIs
  • Influencer Activations
    • Design a strategy around influencer events, activations, and shoots that align with brand and help SET meet KPIs 
  • Influencer Database + Relationships
    • Oversee Influencer Marketing Manager + team to ensure database has up to date information

    • Ensure team is adding to master influencer database daily, identifying and reaching out to 100+ new influencers per week 

    • Consistently identify new ways to build our influencer database, such as exploring new social platforms like TikTok or YouTube

    • Repost influencer content on socials in collaboration with Social Team

    • Build and maintain genuine relationships with influencers, creating a network of super engaged influencers that we have personal relationships with

    • Oversee the database of heavy hitter influencers – ensure team reaches out on birthdays, send flowers for major accomplishments, etc.

    • Oversee the database of super engaged influencers that we can tap into for high quality UGC, special social shoots, etc.


  • Gifting
    • Collaborate with Marketing team to conceptualize packaging for influencer gifting
    • Oversee all gifting for each collection/drop
    • Work with Director of Marketing to devise messaging to be included in packaging; coordinate with Copywriter to ensure messages are written and approved in advance
  • Collaborations/Partnerships
    • Act as the point person for all collaborations with talent and partnerships with other brands
    • Work cross-functionally with Marketing team to help conceptualize and execute collaborations with influencers
    • Set the strategy to identify partnerships with like-minded brands, celebrities, and influencers that 1) align with our community's interests 2) drive business scale and 3) are on brand
    • Work closely with internal partners including operations, marketing, social media, and production to ensure flawless execution
    • Oversee contract negotiations and execution for all brand partnerships including all influencer activations
  • Sponsorships
    • Experience securing sponsors for events being planned for 2022 and 2023
    • Well versed in the sponsorship world and knowledgeable about the sponsorship process and what kind of sponsors to use for different events
  • PR
    • Oversee relationship internal PR initiatives 


  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in brand partnerships and influencer relations
  • Experience with contract negotiation and securing sponsorships 
  • Excellent communications skills to collaborate cross-functionally with other teams 



Please email your cover letter and resume to with “Senior Partnerships Manager” in the subject line.



We’re looking for a talented and creative part-time copywriter to help support our team at SET Active. Working closely with our Marketing and Social Media teams, you’ll be responsible for writing on-brand messaging for internal resources, print and digital marketing assets, social media content. The right person will be able to pick up our brand voice easily and seamlessly and write copy quickly with minimal direction.


  • Write engaging and compelling copy for social media, including but not limited to caption copy for 7+ IG posts per week and story content for 100+ IG stories slides per week
  • Write email content for 3-4 marketing emails per week, including captivating subject lines, headlines, and body copy ·         Draft SMS messages as needed for SMS marketing, typically 1-2 messages per month
  • Support Marketing teams by writing copy as needed, including but not limited to website copy, product descriptions, product packaging copy, and influencer gifting copy
  • Provide copy on behalf of company and founder for PR requests
  • Craft messaging for internal resources, such as brand books, pitches, job descriptions, and more
  • Support our Community Coordinator and Customer Service members by writing templated customer service replies     
  • Manage multiple copy projects to produce and deliver high quality work according to schedule


  • 2-3+ years of experience in creative copywriting for social media, DTC fashion brands preferred
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  •  Passion for storytelling and sparking conversation
  • Natural sense of humor in communication style
  • Strong attention to detail in messaging
  • Positive, open-minded, and solutions-oriented
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, ambitious, startup environment
  • Ability to execute upon multiple projects simultaneously and against tight deadlines


TO APPLY: Please email your cover letter, resume, and portfolio with relevant writing samples to with “Creative Copywriter” in the subject.