We're setting the standard

Hey, we’re SET.  We’re here to simplify the way you get dressed, because let’s be real, life is complicated enough. In an effort to be more effortless, we set out to design clothes that blur the line between form and function. 

The result? Elevated essentials that can go wherever the day takes you — whether that’s getting active or actively chilling on the couch. That’s right, no more changing your outfit a million times over or sacrificing on style just to feel comfortable. Our SETs do it all.


We’re a community first and a brand second, which means we’re all about open conversation, continuous innovation, and getting to know each other. From community collections to community walks, we strive to create what you want, because we’re at our best when you feel yours.


If you know SET, you know we do things differently. We create with a nothing-is-off-limits mindset, we allow ourselves to take risks, and we only do the things we truly believe in. Boldness is in our DNA — and it’s something that has always set us apart.


We give our community a BTS view of our brand — the good, the bad and the challenging — because you’re on this journey with us. When we make mistakes, not only do we learn from them, but we own them. Because you, our customers, deserve transparency, honesty and accountability from the brands you shop from.

Frustrated by a lack of cool, comfortable and high-quality clothes that could support my on-the-go lifestyle, I stopped looking to other brands for a solution and decided to create the solution myself. Before I had even developed the product, I already knew what my two main goals were in creating this brand: 1.) to simplify the way you get dressed and 2.) to foster an inclusive community, where everyone feels seen + heard and can form real, genuine relationships. Years later, these goals are still at the forefront of everything my team and I do, every idea we come up with and every decision we make. I’m honored and humbled to see what SET has become. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, our amazing community.